Monday, June 13, 2011


Tonight Lexi and I had this conversation...

Lexi:  Oh no, I stepped in spit-up.
Mommy:  Bummer.
Lexi:  What?!?!
Mommy:  Bummer.
Lexi (full of outrage):  NO, NOT BUMMER, SPITUP

so Mommy went a got a napkin while Lexi hobbled along behind her.
Lexi:  Thanks for fixing my foot with a washcloth, now its as good as new.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Hospice Regatta

So today was the Hospice Regatta, and Kelly & I had talked about going down to watch some of it.  We hadn't really decided what to do.  About a half hour before Kelly left work on Friday, she got a call from a coworker who apparently had 4 tickets on the spectator boat and 4 tickets to the reception dinner afterward that she wasn't planning to use.  Score!  So we got a sitter for the boys for the afternoon, and Lexi, Kelly, and I went out on the spectator boat, which was a beautifully restored old commercial fishing boat.  We all had a blast!  Lexi loved watching the boats and declared that we needed to buy a sailboat.  A big one so we could go out on it and stay on it and just sail and sail (her words!! Not mine!!)  

Then we came back for a quick nap and to pick up the boys to go to the dinner.  It was very nice, in a tent right on the water!  Lexi ate chicken and a cupcake.  Ben slept.  Edward actually CHOWED DOWN on a piece of chicken.  Apparently he just wasn't interested in the fruits and mum mums we were offering - he wanted meat.  Anyhow, we're all exhausted and I'm headed to bed, but it was an awesome day!

Food Time!!

The boys have finally grown into their high chairs, and we are slowly introducing them to new foods.  Ben is loving it!  He is constantly trying to shove food into his mouth.  Still working on technique and getting his hand out of the way.  Current foods to date include smushed banana, rice, and carrots and potatoes from beef stew, mum-mums (these gross Styrofoam toddler cookies that dissolve).  He also really likes to try and pick up the pictures of baby Elmo and baby Cookie Monster that are on his high chair.  Oh, and he squawks if he runs out of food.

Ed, on the other hand, is totally disinterested in food.  He might let you put it into his mouth, but it comes right back out.  He would much rather try to eat your cell phone or the roof of Lexi's giant plastic car in the backyard.  However, he is totally rocking the sippy!

Ed on the left, Ben on the right.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Taste of Syracuse!

On Friday, the whole family went to Taste of Syracuse.  It was really fun.  We got to sample all manner of yummy foods - Thai spring rolls, Greek chicken wings, pork sliders, Jamaican jerk chicken wings, poutine, chicken riggies, a shrimp rocket, firecracker shrimp, fried plantains, a curry pop, a strawberry smoothie and I'm sure a few other things I'm neglecting to mention.  Lexi had a blast.  She tried all sorts of things, though she says her favorite was the pork slider (unsurprising).  The boys did great, mostly either in the sling or the stroller.  

Towards the end, Lexi and Kelly turned it into a dance party, of course!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Memorial Weekend

At the last minute last weekend, I was released from work, and Ang and the kids decided to spend an extra day down at the family hunting camp near Watkins Glen, and I got to join them!

We had a great couple of days with the grandparent, and the extended family who lives in Buffalo.  We checked out the local waterfall, the harbor, and of course got lots of ice cream.  Oh, and I can't forget that Lexi marshed lots of mallows at the campfire with Papa's help.

Lexi and I walked the full length of the breakwall in the harbor, and Lexi insisted on talking, waving, etc. to all the people we walked by, and anyone she saw in a sailboat, kayak, etc. who came close enough that she could holler at them.

My favorite conversation went as follows:
Lexi:  Mommy, who is that lady (pointing to a lady in a pink shirt sitting on the rocks).
Me: That is a lady eating her lunch on the rocks.  Do you want to say hi?
Lexi:  Hi!  What's your name?  (To my knowledge, she has never been brave enough to ask someone else's name)
Lady: I'm Kristie.  What's your name?
Lexi:  Lexi-bean, and this is Kelly, she's walking next to me.
Me:  Say good-bye so we can keep walking.
Lexi:  Bye Kristie.
Kristie:  Bye.  Have fun.
Lexi:  You have to say bye Lexi!
(Lexi felt a need to help me write my story)
Kristi:  Goodbye Lexi.
Patrick looking down at Lexi and Maggie on the bridge at camp.

Lexi, and Mama, and Mommy, and Llama, are watching the waterfall while Papa takes our picture.



Patrick shooting. erewwererfedfedrerrereerfrtfrfegrtgrrgr5t5rrtffffffrfffdff

Big Ben laying in the grass after rolling over on his tummy.