Saturday, June 11, 2011

Food Time!!

The boys have finally grown into their high chairs, and we are slowly introducing them to new foods.  Ben is loving it!  He is constantly trying to shove food into his mouth.  Still working on technique and getting his hand out of the way.  Current foods to date include smushed banana, rice, and carrots and potatoes from beef stew, mum-mums (these gross Styrofoam toddler cookies that dissolve).  He also really likes to try and pick up the pictures of baby Elmo and baby Cookie Monster that are on his high chair.  Oh, and he squawks if he runs out of food.

Ed, on the other hand, is totally disinterested in food.  He might let you put it into his mouth, but it comes right back out.  He would much rather try to eat your cell phone or the roof of Lexi's giant plastic car in the backyard.  However, he is totally rocking the sippy!

Ed on the left, Ben on the right.

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