Saturday, May 28, 2011

Security - The Final Chapter

I stopped pumping when the boys turned six months old, and I admit it was a relief to not have to drag that darn pump through security anymore.  But I thought I should wrap up this exciting saga with a little story that occurred during my final week of pumping at work.
We did end up acquiring a second one, so the final month or two I left one at work and only brought it home on the weekends for a good cleaning and sterilizing.  As I was going in to work on a Tuesday morning, the guard reviewing items on the converyer belt notices its absence, and asks [and I quote], "So where is your, uh, toy, you know, thing?  Are you still doing that?"

So I clarified for his benefit that it stayed at work except for the weekends, and would end completely shortly.  He appreared relieved that no inspection would be required, meanwhile his coworker commented that they had made much to big of a deal out of this whole thing.  And while I agreed with him, I couldn't help but be a little dumbfounded at the whole situation that lead to me discussing this rather private and very personal issue with two young kids who I barely recognize and have no clue what their names are. 

Thank goodness that's over.  Now all my coworkers can go back to thinking of me as "the boy" and thinking of Angela as "the wife."  I think we are all just way more comfortable with that.  This place is ridiculous.

And just to clarify, I'm typing this post at my desk, at noon on Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend, because I am stuck at this place for 12 hours today, just in case they might THINK they need an engineer.  And engineers work on the Verizon Plan (evengins and weekends are free).  I feel a need to reiturate, this place is ridiculous.

I sincerely hope you are all having more fun than I, especially the rest of my family, who is down at Watkins Glen this weekend.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Lexi's Birthday Party

I can't believe that it's already been two weeks, and neither of us blogged about Lexi's 3rd Birthday Party!! 

It was a little crazy, and a whole lot fun.  Several of the kids invited had to cancel at the list minute to stomach bugs and things going around, but that turned out to be a good thing, because the weather was terrible, and we were trapped inside.  As anyone who has been to our house will tell you, we have a great backyard for having lots of people over, but a rather small house.

We still ended up with eight children (including our three) and 11 adults all hanging out in our little living room.  Lexi had two priorities during the event:  opening presents, and hiding the toys that she didn't want to share.  She is getting pretty good at trading; and by trading I mean grabbing the toy/thing that she wants, and shoving some other random item into the arms of the child.  She does this to her brothers all the time.

Angela made an awesome cake that was decorated to look like a frog (Lexi was rather critical when evaluating the placement of the M&Ms to generate the frog affect).  I was not certain that the frog would remain intact overnight until the party started, but Lexi was ultimately able to abstain.  I do believe it required some additional M&Ms and a cupcake to ensure the cake's safety, however.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Ben's first food!  Edward wasn't thrilled, but Ben sucked his slice dry.  Food, here we come!

New Clothes - Japanese Style

I recently reconnected with Kotowa, a woman from Japan who stayed with my family sometimes when she was in college, when I was in the 8th grade.  So... 16 years ago.  Biggest sweet heart ever.  Anyhow, she now has a 5 year old daughter and a two year old son.  The daughter, Yuwa recently sent Lexi a letter and some stickers, so I think we are going to have Lexi write a letter back, so she can have a pen pal in Japan.  However, Kotowa also sent outfits for each of the kids, and they are adorable!!  Below is from a little photo session we did with the three.
The little shorts that came with the outfits.  I think Ben is looking for fleas.

All 3, smiling.  That's like a miracle.  Oh, and see the cute robes.



Lexi dancing in her shorts.  After refusing to wear them initially, I think she wore them three days straight.

Monday, May 23, 2011

How to build a swingset

while chasing three little kids!  Thankfully Kelly had a 4 day weekend off of work, and the weather was beautiful, so we could stay outside all day.

So, for her birthday, Lexi got an awesome new playset from my parents.  She was super excited.  However, then I went to pick it up, and it came home looking like this:

All 200lbs of playset, in one box.  Brilliant packaging.

Then we got it out of thte box, and it looked like this:

The first day, we basically did inventory and assembled the ladder and swing beam.

The second day, we put the boys out on a  blanket and Lexi "helped" us to build the basic structure of the tower.  She got bored after about 5 mins, so we ended up taking turns at building and entertaining children. 

Day 3, and we finally had a floor and some walls in there:

Lexi thought helping was much more fun if you could do it IN the tower:

Today was day 4.  We assembled the slide, put on the roof, did some other finishing touches, and it was finally done!!

Lexi was thrilled to be finally allowed to climb her new ladder!

However, after about 20 mins, it started to rain!  Here's the new playset getting wet:

 But there's always tomorrow!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Triple Stroller

Here's the cool new ride that we've been walking 10 miles a week in!

It's very wide, and kind of like pushing a bus up a hill, lol.  But it rolls nice and the kids love it. :-D

I love the way it puts all the kids to sleep at the same time!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Crazy Lexi conversations...

Conversation with Lexi today:
Lexi (out of the blue):  Sometimes Lana gets in trouble with her Mama and her Mommy.
Me: Oh?
Lexi:  Well, Lana's Mama is her Mommy.
Me: True.
Lexi: And Lana has a Daddy.  I don't have a Daddy. But I have a Mama and a Mommy.
Me: Yup
Lexi: Does Lana have a little brother?
Me:  No, Lana only has a little sister
Lexi: Yeah, but her sister walks, she's not really a baby.
Me:  No, she is getting big
Lexi: But she's kind of like a baby, she's littler than me.
Me: True
Lexi: I have little brothers.  Do my brothers have a little sister?
Me: No, they have a big sister.
Lexi (very upset):  How come they don't have a little sister?
crickets chirping as I try to sort this one out....
Lexi: Well, when my baby comes out of my tummy, then they will have a little sister too.  And they will love her SO MUCH.

My head is still spinning

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

6 months!!

Hard to believe that they're six months old already!  But here they are!  Edward is on the left, and Benjamin on the right.  Benjamin weighs 17lbs, and Edward weighs a little over 16lbs.  Both are rolling over (belly to back only) and scooting around on their backs. :-D

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Another crafty dress!!

I made this dress from one of Kelly's old dress shirts.  The back of the dress was the front of the shirt, and the front of the dress was the back of the shirt.  The gathered sleeves were the top of the shirt sleeves.  The contrast fabric was a purple checked fabric I had in my old craft stuff.  It was so easy to make! 

I used this tutorial to make it.  I pretty much did it the same except I did NOT do knife pleated trim at the hem, I just did a simple fat ruffle. :-D  The whole project took about 2 hours. 

Mother's day gift...

Lexi has been working on a gift for her Amma for mother's day.  Since Amma reads this blog, I can't show you the end result, but I can show you some work-in-progress shots!

It is very serious business

Involving lots of paint

Did I mention paint?

And focus, lots of focus.

Monday, May 9, 2011

"I'm a hooker"

The other night Lexi was upstairs with me playing dress up while I got the boys ready for bed and Angela was downstairs picking up.  First she put on my hat, and ran down to Mama that she looked like Mommy.  Then she put on one of Ang's old t-shirts, and ran down to show off that she looked like Mama.  Then she comes in wearing like three tank tops, kind of randomly over her neck and her arms, and proudly declares that now she is a hooker! 
I request clarification, "What did you say?!?!" 
And she repeats, "I am a hooker and a dunker."
"Like in basketball?"

Friday, May 6, 2011

Lessons from the Radisson Community Sale...

So, Lexi and I drove down for the big annual Radisson garage sale.  For those who don't know, Radisson is a HUGE development in the north suburbs of Syracuse.  It's like a town unto itself, with walking trails, a pool, a private lake, etc.   And every year it has a spectacular community sale. 

Here is what we learned, in no particular order.
  • 4 hours is about our garage sale limit
  • Even with a skinned knee so bad that she could barely walk, Lexi loves a garage sale
  • Even if you put on sunblock when you started AND wore a hat, 4 hours outside at midday requires a re-application
  • Given her own money to spend, Lexi buys cookies.  Oreos, to be exact
  • Apparently baby (or toddler) wearing is even weirder at a garage sale than elsewhere.  Lexi rode in the wrap for a bit after the knee incident and we got more comments that I usually get when I have all THREE kids with me.
  • Every single baby boy in Radisson hit sizes 9- and 12- months in midwinter.  There wasn't a summery article of clothing to be had anywhere.  
  • Rocks are awesome, always carry some with you wherever you go
  • Walking trails make a very convenient way to get from the end of one cul-de-sac to the end of the next one, without going all the way around on the road.
  • Radisson has about 10 bazillion cul-de-sacs.  That's an offical count. 
  • Lexi is very fond of greyhounds and irish setters.   
  • When garage sale-ing from 9-2 or so, pack a lunch. 
We also came home with an awesome new wooden easel with a chalkboard and a whiteboard for $3! Lexi is very excited about that, since painting is her new favorite hobby.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Museum of Play

A few weeks ago we went to the Strong Museum of Play in Rochester, and met up wit some family from Buffalo.  That place is amazing!  We will definitely be getting a family membership once everyone is a little older.  Lexi had a blast, she had older cousins to run off with, we had other family to take the kids, it was like a vacation for me and Angela.

Patrick chillin on the carousel

Lexi and Maggie on the train

On the streets of Sesame Street

Mommy and Lexi with the Sesame Street monsters
Me and Papa bear

Maggie snuggling a sleeping Ed

Sunday, May 1, 2011


The following pictures are all from the Easter Egg hunt.

See the boots.  Lexi was playing in the sand.

Walking with Mommy, looking for eggs.

Sharing chocolate with Uncle Craig.

Ready for the bunny hop race.

Racing hard, and adding rocks to her bunny sack.

Helping cousin Jeff carry the prizes.

Papa, Ben, Lexi, and her new bubbles.

Emily and Darlene with the boys.  See the hair, no excuse to not know which boy is which.

A Day of Discoveries

Yesterday was a day of discoveries in our house.  It started when Angela was cleaning out the car and Lexi discovered the basket of Easter eggs from the big Easter egg hunt at the golf course last weekend, and therefore found all of her candy. 

Then later, Angela and I put the boys down on the floor on a blanket, and they both rolled over for the first time!!  Both of them did it belly to back.  Ben did it four times, I even managed to catch one of them on camcorder.  Ed only did it once.  Ben is almost ready to army crawl, and Ed is good at wiggling around, breakdancer style.  He seems to prefer to be positioned such that he can kick his brother in the head.  Oh, and when I was filming the boys rolling over, you can be sure that Lexi was right there on the floor with them demonstrating her rolling over skills.

Finally, it was a super nice day yesterday, so we had an early dinner down at the fish fry place on the lake, which of course always concludes with ice cream.  Lexi got hers on a cone for the very first time, and she found that very exciting.  She also handled it a lot better than either of us expected, and she was pretty excited to find out that she got to eat her ice cream "bowl".

Ben chilling outside.

Lexi "painting" Ben with water

Lexi showing off her kite and her flower seeds