Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Day of Discoveries

Yesterday was a day of discoveries in our house.  It started when Angela was cleaning out the car and Lexi discovered the basket of Easter eggs from the big Easter egg hunt at the golf course last weekend, and therefore found all of her candy. 

Then later, Angela and I put the boys down on the floor on a blanket, and they both rolled over for the first time!!  Both of them did it belly to back.  Ben did it four times, I even managed to catch one of them on camcorder.  Ed only did it once.  Ben is almost ready to army crawl, and Ed is good at wiggling around, breakdancer style.  He seems to prefer to be positioned such that he can kick his brother in the head.  Oh, and when I was filming the boys rolling over, you can be sure that Lexi was right there on the floor with them demonstrating her rolling over skills.

Finally, it was a super nice day yesterday, so we had an early dinner down at the fish fry place on the lake, which of course always concludes with ice cream.  Lexi got hers on a cone for the very first time, and she found that very exciting.  She also handled it a lot better than either of us expected, and she was pretty excited to find out that she got to eat her ice cream "bowl".

Ben chilling outside.

Lexi "painting" Ben with water

Lexi showing off her kite and her flower seeds

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