Monday, May 16, 2011

Crazy Lexi conversations...

Conversation with Lexi today:
Lexi (out of the blue):  Sometimes Lana gets in trouble with her Mama and her Mommy.
Me: Oh?
Lexi:  Well, Lana's Mama is her Mommy.
Me: True.
Lexi: And Lana has a Daddy.  I don't have a Daddy. But I have a Mama and a Mommy.
Me: Yup
Lexi: Does Lana have a little brother?
Me:  No, Lana only has a little sister
Lexi: Yeah, but her sister walks, she's not really a baby.
Me:  No, she is getting big
Lexi: But she's kind of like a baby, she's littler than me.
Me: True
Lexi: I have little brothers.  Do my brothers have a little sister?
Me: No, they have a big sister.
Lexi (very upset):  How come they don't have a little sister?
crickets chirping as I try to sort this one out....
Lexi: Well, when my baby comes out of my tummy, then they will have a little sister too.  And they will love her SO MUCH.

My head is still spinning

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