Saturday, May 28, 2011

Security - The Final Chapter

I stopped pumping when the boys turned six months old, and I admit it was a relief to not have to drag that darn pump through security anymore.  But I thought I should wrap up this exciting saga with a little story that occurred during my final week of pumping at work.
We did end up acquiring a second one, so the final month or two I left one at work and only brought it home on the weekends for a good cleaning and sterilizing.  As I was going in to work on a Tuesday morning, the guard reviewing items on the converyer belt notices its absence, and asks [and I quote], "So where is your, uh, toy, you know, thing?  Are you still doing that?"

So I clarified for his benefit that it stayed at work except for the weekends, and would end completely shortly.  He appreared relieved that no inspection would be required, meanwhile his coworker commented that they had made much to big of a deal out of this whole thing.  And while I agreed with him, I couldn't help but be a little dumbfounded at the whole situation that lead to me discussing this rather private and very personal issue with two young kids who I barely recognize and have no clue what their names are. 

Thank goodness that's over.  Now all my coworkers can go back to thinking of me as "the boy" and thinking of Angela as "the wife."  I think we are all just way more comfortable with that.  This place is ridiculous.

And just to clarify, I'm typing this post at my desk, at noon on Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend, because I am stuck at this place for 12 hours today, just in case they might THINK they need an engineer.  And engineers work on the Verizon Plan (evengins and weekends are free).  I feel a need to reiturate, this place is ridiculous.

I sincerely hope you are all having more fun than I, especially the rest of my family, who is down at Watkins Glen this weekend.

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