Monday, May 23, 2011

How to build a swingset

while chasing three little kids!  Thankfully Kelly had a 4 day weekend off of work, and the weather was beautiful, so we could stay outside all day.

So, for her birthday, Lexi got an awesome new playset from my parents.  She was super excited.  However, then I went to pick it up, and it came home looking like this:

All 200lbs of playset, in one box.  Brilliant packaging.

Then we got it out of thte box, and it looked like this:

The first day, we basically did inventory and assembled the ladder and swing beam.

The second day, we put the boys out on a  blanket and Lexi "helped" us to build the basic structure of the tower.  She got bored after about 5 mins, so we ended up taking turns at building and entertaining children. 

Day 3, and we finally had a floor and some walls in there:

Lexi thought helping was much more fun if you could do it IN the tower:

Today was day 4.  We assembled the slide, put on the roof, did some other finishing touches, and it was finally done!!

Lexi was thrilled to be finally allowed to climb her new ladder!

However, after about 20 mins, it started to rain!  Here's the new playset getting wet:

 But there's always tomorrow!!

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