Saturday, July 30, 2011

Scissors adventure

A few days ago when I got home from work, I was informed that Lexi had gotten in a bit of trouble with the scissors.  I started looking around for what important document or craftiness project she had sliced up.  Shortly before the wedding, Angela's birth certificate came within inches of Lexi-wielded scissors.  I didn't see anything, then Ang directed me to her hair.  She hadn't so much given  herself a haircut as combed her hair with the scissors.  Its not incredibly obvious, but there are definitely some shorter chunks now.
I burst out laughing, I couldn't help it.  Boy did I get in trpppouble... with LEXI!!

"Mommy stop laughing!  I'm not supposed to do that, its not funny!!"

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

We're getting married (part2)

Its official- we are legal!  It was a wet and rainy morning at the Falls.  They were passing out free cave of winds ponchos to the participants.

Walking into the park

Our amazing little flower girl

She was a little sad that Angela and I were getting married.  Or perhaps I should say jealous.  She wanted to marry Mommy and have Angela be our flower girl.

Lexi with Amma and Papa watching from the wings

Us during the actual ceremony

Lexi attached to cousin Maggie

The whole family in front of the falls after the ceremony

The happy couple

Sunday, July 24, 2011

We're getting married (part1)

So as most of you probably know, on June 24, a bill legalizing same-sex marriage in the state of New York was passed.  It becomes effective today - July 24.   About a week ago, Kelly and I decided we were going to get married on July 25th!  The city of Niagara Falls is hosting a group gay wedding tomorrow, which we're participating in.  

We're in Niagara falls now, and we got our license this morning (early, because NY has a 24 hour waiting period and the ceremony is at 10am).   Then we spent the rest of the day playing at Niagara Falls!  Lexi had her first ride on Maid of the Mist and we climbed down to the Cave of the Winds.  Lexi was a little scared on the Hurricane Deck (which is LOUD, windy, and extremely wet) but she did great!  Now to swim some more in the hotel pool and get some dinner before bed!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mayor's Cup in Plattsburgh (Lots of firsts)

Today was a beautiful day in Plattsburgh, NY.  We all went for a boat ride to watch Uncle Craig race in a sailboat.  It was the boys first boat ride, and for the most part they loved it.  They also got to swim for the first time ever, and "sit" in the sand on the beach and kick their feet in the lake.  As part of the festival, there was also horse rides available.  Apparently Mama, Amma, and Papa were all in a huddle trying to decide if Lexi was ready to ride horses, or if she would be too scared.  In the meantime, I had already asked Lexi, and I was putting her on a horse for the first time.  She LOVED it!!

Ben and Ed in their swimsuits on their first boat ride.

Deer Feeding!!

Yesterday, Lexi had the pleasure of hand feeding deer - both big deer and baby deer.  The big deer ate corn, right out of her hand.  The baby deer stay in a barn, and get bottle fed.  Lexi absolutely loved it!!  The entire drive home, she was either asking me to tell her stories about the deer we just fed, pretending to be a deer, or asking if we could have a pet deer.  I punted that question to Mama, hehe.

Lexi feeding a young male deer corn.  His name was Piston.

A little hesitant, but Lexi loved petting the deer.

Lexi and Petper feeding the deer some corn out of a trough.

Lexi and Mommy with the baby deer.

Mommy feeds the baby deer.

Once she remembered to move slow and talk quiet, the deer were very interested in her.

The owners of the deer and a HUGE dog!!

4th of July Pictures

Lexi dancing with her flag.

Lexi chilling in her wagon with Petpet as we get ready to head to the parade.

Mommy, Lexi, and a holiday themed snow cone.

In the bouncer with Joe (Sara's brother)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July

What a crazy weekend!  I was recovering from having worked 12s on nights the previous four days, we had a graduation party, a parade, a post-parade party, as well as all the usual chores, bottles, diapers, life, etc.

The graduation party was good fun.  Lexi spent the entire day following around the graduate, who is also our primary baby-sitter.  I'm not sure Lexi realized that it wasn't the Lexi/Sarah graduation party.  They also had rented one of those great big jousting/bouncing inflatables, Lexi was in 7th heaven.  We also got to come home with the balloons that had decorated the front of Sarah's house, very exciting.

The next day was the Oswego parade, full of marching bands, classic cars, sports teams, candy throwers, and of course the Oswego Roller Derby girls.  Just Lexi and I went to the parade, along with a bunch of our neighbors, and we had a blast.  She loved dancing around with her flag to the marching bands, or to the music that plays inside her own little head.

That evening we crashed our neighbor's post-parade Roller Derby party, and Lexi had all those derby girls in their fishnets and crazy makeup totally in love with her.  She was rocking the pool party with the kiddie pool and a large inflatable dolphin.

Monday was recovery day, and packing for our big trip to Plattsburgh this week, yeah!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


June 18th was Syracuse Pride.  It turned out to be an absolutely gorgeous day!  Lexi was really excited, she loves parades.  We got downtown nice and early so we would have plenty of time to find parking close by and a good spot to watch the parade.  The only detail we forgot was to make sure Lexi went potty.  So as the parade was starting, she and I were making a mad dash down the street trying to find anything that was open with bathrooms.  Lets just say she ended up fertilizing some grass.

The parade was fabulous, Lexi loved all the princess dresses, and one lady has huge purple feathers in her hair.  We said hi to that lady later at the festival.  Lexi's absolute favorite parts were playing in the water fountain at the park, and petting all the puppy dogs that people had brought.

Lexi petting some golden.  She very nicely shared her pool noodle with the dog.

Ed chillin' with our friend Lorelei

Ben and Mama playing in the water

Sippy Drama!!!

The boys have discovered the wonderful world of sippy cups.  They are plastic and light, and they come with these amazing handles, so you can feed yourself!  There are some challenges however... the formula only comes out at one location - no matter how much you suck on the handles, the bottom, or the side of the sippy cup, you don't get anything.  Also, if you are eating on your back, and choose to roll over onto your belly, even with the spout in your mouth, you no longer get any formula.  And finally, if you just decide to chew on the spout and not drink any of the formula that comes out, it just rolls down your neck and into your hair, and then roll into the puddle, and have to have a bath. 

You also have to be careful of sneaky brothers when you are eating via sippy cup.  Sometimes the older but littler brother is mean, and he will steal your sippy and make you cry.  On the other hand, he then tries to put both sippies in his mouth at once, and therefore can't get anything into his mouth, so he cries too.

And yet, they somehow are managing to weigh 19lb 4 oz, and 20lb 12 oz, so we can't be starving them too badly.  :-)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Sail Boats

We are very behind on our posting.  Oh well.  A few weekends ago (June 11, I think) I was given free tickets from my work for our family to ride out on a large boat and watch the Oswego Hospice Regatta.  Its a big event by the Oswego Yacht Club.  So me, Ang, and Lexi got to ride out of the harbor on the Laura D, a huge fishing boat that this couple has turned into an unbelievable house boat.  Lexi loved it, and the great big sails.

And the race is on.

Lexi peering through the railing to watch the sailboats.

Some of them came very close, and we waved, but they were usually too busy to wave back.

Lexi and Mama in the seating area in the stern.

The Laura D was a ~60 foot fishing boat that had been completely gutted and redone.  I think the square footage of this thing was bigger than our house, and the interior was absolutely gorgeous!  Lexi really enjoyed exploring the whole thing, and is now asking for us to get a boat named the Lexi-Bean.

Also, after the race, we went to a BBQ at the yacht club, and Angela got to meet some of the members (danger, danger).  I predict our family will be joining the yacht club sooner rather than later.  Its a good thing you don't have to own a boat.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

New favorite toy

Thanks to Kelsey and Korrine and the present they gave us at my baby shower.  The boys have grown into it now, and they and Lexi love it!

Ben and Lexi playing with the Dancing Bear

They aren't crawling yet, but both boys will roll over and scootch around to play with it.  Ben especially likes to eat the microphone.  And Lexi is her usual dancing fool.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Long Night

So Lexi and I went to bed at 7:30 tonight.  We read a few stories, and she was asleep a little after 8.  I made the mistake of having too much caffeine at our neighbor's graduation party, so I was still awake.  I read for awhile by the light of the window, and then when the sun went down, but the light of the reading lamp.  But the reading lamp was sort of waking Lexi up.  You can tell she's been dreaming, because she suddenly starts to say very random things, in this case something about not being allowed in the bounce house while its resting.

So I turned the light back out, snuggled her, and tried unsuccessfully to sleep.  A while later, I tried to sneak out and go downstairs for a snack.  She woke up and came with me.  It worked out, because Angela had been sewing, and wanted Lexi to try on the nightgown she was working on.  Lexi is obsessed with wearing nightgowns lately, and the only one she owns is full length, full sleeve, flannel from Aunt Darlene at Christmas.  So, tonight, 100 degrees in the bedroom, and she is wearing that d@mn nightgown!  And she wants to snuggle.

Anyhow, about 45 minutes ago, she's almost asleep, and suddenly she sits upright, and is sobbing about how much she misses Molly, the dog we had for about a year, that we gave away almost a year ago.  She was just crying in my arms, about how she wishes Molly would come back, and why did Molly have to go, and she wants another puppy dog, and I just don't even have a clue what to say.  Fortunately, Angela came upstairs a few minutes ago with a new nightie made from a pillow case, and she got to take over Lexi duty while I came downstairs to make bottles.