Monday, July 4, 2011

Sail Boats

We are very behind on our posting.  Oh well.  A few weekends ago (June 11, I think) I was given free tickets from my work for our family to ride out on a large boat and watch the Oswego Hospice Regatta.  Its a big event by the Oswego Yacht Club.  So me, Ang, and Lexi got to ride out of the harbor on the Laura D, a huge fishing boat that this couple has turned into an unbelievable house boat.  Lexi loved it, and the great big sails.

And the race is on.

Lexi peering through the railing to watch the sailboats.

Some of them came very close, and we waved, but they were usually too busy to wave back.

Lexi and Mama in the seating area in the stern.

The Laura D was a ~60 foot fishing boat that had been completely gutted and redone.  I think the square footage of this thing was bigger than our house, and the interior was absolutely gorgeous!  Lexi really enjoyed exploring the whole thing, and is now asking for us to get a boat named the Lexi-Bean.

Also, after the race, we went to a BBQ at the yacht club, and Angela got to meet some of the members (danger, danger).  I predict our family will be joining the yacht club sooner rather than later.  Its a good thing you don't have to own a boat.

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