Saturday, July 9, 2011

Deer Feeding!!

Yesterday, Lexi had the pleasure of hand feeding deer - both big deer and baby deer.  The big deer ate corn, right out of her hand.  The baby deer stay in a barn, and get bottle fed.  Lexi absolutely loved it!!  The entire drive home, she was either asking me to tell her stories about the deer we just fed, pretending to be a deer, or asking if we could have a pet deer.  I punted that question to Mama, hehe.

Lexi feeding a young male deer corn.  His name was Piston.

A little hesitant, but Lexi loved petting the deer.

Lexi and Petper feeding the deer some corn out of a trough.

Lexi and Mommy with the baby deer.

Mommy feeds the baby deer.

Once she remembered to move slow and talk quiet, the deer were very interested in her.

The owners of the deer and a HUGE dog!!

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