Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July

What a crazy weekend!  I was recovering from having worked 12s on nights the previous four days, we had a graduation party, a parade, a post-parade party, as well as all the usual chores, bottles, diapers, life, etc.

The graduation party was good fun.  Lexi spent the entire day following around the graduate, who is also our primary baby-sitter.  I'm not sure Lexi realized that it wasn't the Lexi/Sarah graduation party.  They also had rented one of those great big jousting/bouncing inflatables, Lexi was in 7th heaven.  We also got to come home with the balloons that had decorated the front of Sarah's house, very exciting.

The next day was the Oswego parade, full of marching bands, classic cars, sports teams, candy throwers, and of course the Oswego Roller Derby girls.  Just Lexi and I went to the parade, along with a bunch of our neighbors, and we had a blast.  She loved dancing around with her flag to the marching bands, or to the music that plays inside her own little head.

That evening we crashed our neighbor's post-parade Roller Derby party, and Lexi had all those derby girls in their fishnets and crazy makeup totally in love with her.  She was rocking the pool party with the kiddie pool and a large inflatable dolphin.

Monday was recovery day, and packing for our big trip to Plattsburgh this week, yeah!!

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