Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sippy Drama!!!

The boys have discovered the wonderful world of sippy cups.  They are plastic and light, and they come with these amazing handles, so you can feed yourself!  There are some challenges however... the formula only comes out at one location - no matter how much you suck on the handles, the bottom, or the side of the sippy cup, you don't get anything.  Also, if you are eating on your back, and choose to roll over onto your belly, even with the spout in your mouth, you no longer get any formula.  And finally, if you just decide to chew on the spout and not drink any of the formula that comes out, it just rolls down your neck and into your hair, and then roll into the puddle, and have to have a bath. 

You also have to be careful of sneaky brothers when you are eating via sippy cup.  Sometimes the older but littler brother is mean, and he will steal your sippy and make you cry.  On the other hand, he then tries to put both sippies in his mouth at once, and therefore can't get anything into his mouth, so he cries too.

And yet, they somehow are managing to weigh 19lb 4 oz, and 20lb 12 oz, so we can't be starving them too badly.  :-)

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