Tuesday, July 5, 2011


June 18th was Syracuse Pride.  It turned out to be an absolutely gorgeous day!  Lexi was really excited, she loves parades.  We got downtown nice and early so we would have plenty of time to find parking close by and a good spot to watch the parade.  The only detail we forgot was to make sure Lexi went potty.  So as the parade was starting, she and I were making a mad dash down the street trying to find anything that was open with bathrooms.  Lets just say she ended up fertilizing some grass.

The parade was fabulous, Lexi loved all the princess dresses, and one lady has huge purple feathers in her hair.  We said hi to that lady later at the festival.  Lexi's absolute favorite parts were playing in the water fountain at the park, and petting all the puppy dogs that people had brought.

Lexi petting some golden.  She very nicely shared her pool noodle with the dog.

Ed chillin' with our friend Lorelei

Ben and Mama playing in the water

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