Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Long Night

So Lexi and I went to bed at 7:30 tonight.  We read a few stories, and she was asleep a little after 8.  I made the mistake of having too much caffeine at our neighbor's graduation party, so I was still awake.  I read for awhile by the light of the window, and then when the sun went down, but the light of the reading lamp.  But the reading lamp was sort of waking Lexi up.  You can tell she's been dreaming, because she suddenly starts to say very random things, in this case something about not being allowed in the bounce house while its resting.

So I turned the light back out, snuggled her, and tried unsuccessfully to sleep.  A while later, I tried to sneak out and go downstairs for a snack.  She woke up and came with me.  It worked out, because Angela had been sewing, and wanted Lexi to try on the nightgown she was working on.  Lexi is obsessed with wearing nightgowns lately, and the only one she owns is full length, full sleeve, flannel from Aunt Darlene at Christmas.  So, tonight, 100 degrees in the bedroom, and she is wearing that d@mn nightgown!  And she wants to snuggle.

Anyhow, about 45 minutes ago, she's almost asleep, and suddenly she sits upright, and is sobbing about how much she misses Molly, the dog we had for about a year, that we gave away almost a year ago.  She was just crying in my arms, about how she wishes Molly would come back, and why did Molly have to go, and she wants another puppy dog, and I just don't even have a clue what to say.  Fortunately, Angela came upstairs a few minutes ago with a new nightie made from a pillow case, and she got to take over Lexi duty while I came downstairs to make bottles.

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