Monday, April 25, 2011

My crazy week!

The past week has been pretty crazy around here!  Here's what we've been up to:

Sunday (apr 17) - drove out to the museum of Play in Rochester.  Met up with my aunt & uncle and some cousins there.  Had tons of fun, exhausting pretty much everyone.  Made tentative plans to have my cousin Maggie come out later in the week since she's on spring break.

Monday - quiet day.  the only one for awhile

Tuesday - Went to the store with all the kids to get eggs for easter-egg dying.  Dyed the eggs with Lexi during the boys' nap.  Maggie arrives for a visit.  She stays with us through Friday.

Wednesday - Hung out in the morning, took the kids & Maggie to the mall to hang out and visit the Easter Bunny.  Lexi gets sick with a cold.

Thursday - Packed for our big trip, got my new stroller in the mail, started getting it set up

Friday - Maggie's folks come to get her, we drive to Plattsburgh (4.5hrs).  The boys catch Lexi's cold.  All 3 kids have trouble sleeping.

Saturday - Decorated eggs with mom, went on a field trip to visit some chicks with Lexi, and had a bunch of family over to mom's  house. Another night with sleepless boys (Lexi sleeps though)

Sunday (Easter!) - Drove down to Chestertown (1.5 hrs) had a great easter egg hunt, hung out with lots of family, drove home (3.5hrs).  Come home and don't even unload the car farther than absolutely necessary.  Collapse in bed.  Thankfully everyone sleeps!

We shall see what today brings!

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