Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Hospice Regatta

So today was the Hospice Regatta, and Kelly & I had talked about going down to watch some of it.  We hadn't really decided what to do.  About a half hour before Kelly left work on Friday, she got a call from a coworker who apparently had 4 tickets on the spectator boat and 4 tickets to the reception dinner afterward that she wasn't planning to use.  Score!  So we got a sitter for the boys for the afternoon, and Lexi, Kelly, and I went out on the spectator boat, which was a beautifully restored old commercial fishing boat.  We all had a blast!  Lexi loved watching the boats and declared that we needed to buy a sailboat.  A big one so we could go out on it and stay on it and just sail and sail (her words!! Not mine!!)  

Then we came back for a quick nap and to pick up the boys to go to the dinner.  It was very nice, in a tent right on the water!  Lexi ate chicken and a cupcake.  Ben slept.  Edward actually CHOWED DOWN on a piece of chicken.  Apparently he just wasn't interested in the fruits and mum mums we were offering - he wanted meat.  Anyhow, we're all exhausted and I'm headed to bed, but it was an awesome day!

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