Thursday, October 20, 2011

First thing in the morning...

A couple weeks ago we had to start putting the boys to bed in separate cribs, because they kept waking each other up.  Not by crying or anything, they can totally sleep through that, but whichever one woke up, usually crawled over to say to the other one... and it just became a mess.  Anyhow, shortly before putting them in the cribs, I came in one morning, about 3:30am to give them bottles, and found them totally ready to play.  I stayed with them for about half an hour, and by then they were ready to go back to sleep.  Meanwhile, they crawled all over the room, and got into any mischief they could find.  I found it challenging to take pictures of this mischief, because as soon as either of them saw the camera, they both came charging right at me, trying to eat it.

Ben climbing on Ed, after Ed oh so graciously rolled / fell out of the bed.

Ed playing with the musical light up frog.  The camera flash hides it, but this thing puts stars and moons on the wall, which the boys try to catch, eat, etc.

Edward climbing into the bookshelf.  He is the reason we removed that shelf.

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