Saturday, October 29, 2011

Life is an Adventure...

So, we're hosting a little party for some of Kelly's friends today.  I decided that I'd take the kids to Walmart to pick up a few things that we needed while Kelly finished getting the house together.  It is usually easier to shop with the kids than do housework with them, ironically.  Plus they are lately in LOVE with the carts at Walmart that seat 3 kids.  So, I load everyone up, head across town, and score a 3-seater cart already out in the cart corral.  Lexi decides she's sitting next to Ben in the big blue seats, and Edward gets to ride facing us in the cart seat.  We go in, get the first half dozen or so things on our list, and are just discussing the merits of pink vs purple witches' brooms when the store goes dark. 

Apparently a transformer went out somewhere on the East Side.  None of the stores had power, including walmart.  After 20 minutes or so of circling my cart around and trying to keep two infants and a preschooler entertained, we learned that they did not expect the power back for at least 3 HOURS.  Not ok.  So, we unloaded our cart, had a chat about how we could come back to buy our things later with Lexi, and we got all re-loaded in the car.  Of course, the other 150 cars full of people who were inside Walmart (it was Saturday afternoon around 1pm) were all doing the same thing.  And our Walmart parking lot is under construction and terrible for high-volume traffic.  And I take about 10x longer than most people to get in the car since I have three children to buckle, one of whom is an "I can do it!" preschooler. So, I was last in line to get out, and starting to really get stressed out.  My plan at that point - go home.  Forget whatever we don't have. I'm sure we don't actually need plates.

Then an excited little voice pipes up from the back seat.  "Mama?  Are we on an adventure?"
I pause for a moment, and realize that yes, in fact, we are. 

So, Lexi and I start re-doing the list as we drive, paring down to the essentials.  Paper Plates. Forks. Soda. Beer.  Meanwhile I watch for stores with the lights on. 

We end up at Big M.  I'm sure Big M will have all the things we need, but what it doesn't have is big carts.  Or big aisles.  I explain the problem to Lexi.  I can't push the cart and the double stroller in the tiny little aisles at Big M.  I can't carry both boys and push the cart.  She says, "It's okay mama, you can push the brothers in the stroller, and I will push the cart."  pauses and thinks a minute...  "only, mama, I think the grownup drinks will be too heavy for me." 

So, Lexi pushes the kiddy cart.  I push the stroller.  We get our paper products and put them in her cart.  Then we get the beer and soda and put them in the stroller basket.  Lexi drives her cart up to the register and very solemnly unloads the cart onto the belt.  Then we pay, put everything into the stroller, cart it out to the car, load stuff & kids back up, and come home. 

I have one proud little adventurer today.

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  1. So absolutely sweet! Raising a great little problem solver! :)