Thursday, February 17, 2011

Getting out of the house

One of the fun bits of my day is the process of trying to GO anywhere with this crew.  So I thought I'd share a picture of the things I need to get together in order to go anywhere.   This particular pile is for a trip to the play area in the mall. 

I try to keep it to just the basics - the diaper bag has 6 prefold diapers, 2 covers, a spare snappi, a wetbag, wipes, a changing mat, spare sleepers for each boy, spare socks for each boy,  a full change of clothes (including shoes and underwear) for Lexi, an emergency stash of formula powder, a pair of backup binkys and a huge pile of spitrags (never enough...)   The blue cooler has two bottles, an ice pack, and two nursing supplementers.   Then the purple box is Lexi's lunch/snack box, and the pink sippy for her, too.  And the orange mass of fabric is a wrap to put the boys in.  

Not in the pile, of course, are the carseats, winter gear, blankets, and whatever random toys Lexi decides she can't live without for a couple of hours.  Also my pump was already in the car when I took the picture.  And I usually have a double stroller to add to the fun.  I can USUALLY get everyone & everything out to the car in 3 trips.  Sometimes 4 if I have extra stuff. 

Just in case anyone wonders why I can't ever seem to get anywhere before 11am. :-D

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