Monday, February 28, 2011

One of those mornings...

Today was one of those mornings where everything seems to go wrong.  Actually maybe last night was one of those nights.  Lexi (who normally sleeps through the night without a problem) woke up like 5 times.  The boys are both teething and having growth spurts, so they were grumpy.  By morning, everyone was grumpy.  Lexi woke up just when the boys did, and she's usually ok with me giving her a stuffed animal and promising to check on her in a minute, but today she was totally freaked out by that.  So Kelly's trying to feed both boys and I'm trying to get Lexi to fall back to sleep.  Plus it was like 1/2 hour early so we loose that bit of sleep, but can't really go back to sleep after. 

Once I got up, I went to start laundry, and realized that I had clothes in the washer from Friday.  And clothes in the dryer.  So I did some forwarding, started a load, and came upstairs to get a bowl of oatmeal and empty the dishwasher (which we run every night).  No bowls in the cupboard, they're all in the dishwasher.   OK, no problem, I open the dishwasher - dirty dishes everywhere.  We forgot to run it last night.   So I wash a dish, start the dishwasher, and go back upstairs to weigh myself.  No good news there either - apparently that birthday cake I made for Kelly was WAY too good.  Then Lexi wakes, AGAIN.  Sobbing and shrieking in terror.  I go in, give her a stuffed monkey and she finally accepts that plan.  I hike back downstairs with the rest of my laundry, wolf down some breakfast, forward the laundry again, then guess who wakes up?  Edward.  Sigh.  Long day ahead...

Is it naptime yet?  6:45am must be naptime, right?


  1. It continued to be one of those mornings for me as I got to work. I specifically left the house by the front door instead of the side door in order to grab an umbrella, because it was pooring outside. Did I remember the umbrella 5 seconds later? Of course not. By ten feet away from my car this morning, my pants are totally soaked. Like, I will have to change into scrubs when I get to work soaked. Then, security, who had actually been really great about my stupid pump until now, decides to get all anal, and the supervisor tells me this morning I have to leave it either on site or off site, but I can't keep bringing it through. So of course my first stop on my way in to the building is at HR, where I get to look like a drowned rat while I throw a mini temper tantrum about security and ask her to deal with it. Somebody please tell me this day will get better soon.

  2. Well, hopefully the rest of the week will go GREAT! :)