Thursday, February 17, 2011

Only in the mind of a toddler…

A while back Lexi discovered Spiderman on Hulu. She was supposed to be watching Supernanny, which she likes because of all the kids, but she is becoming a wiz at navigating websites with the mouse, and found herself watching Spiderman instead. Because she has some random Spiderman toy, we don’t even know where it came from, she now loves Spiderman. Of course, she doesn’t really understand it, so we have to do lots of explaining. There are bad guys, they do mean things, and Spiderman has to stop them to keep people safe.

I thought she seemed to have a pretty good grasp of those concepts. But then the other day we start talking, and I realize that she is projecting these concepts in unexpected ways. She begins to tell me how sometimes her brothers scratch her. This is true, if she is holding them and we haven’t cut their nails recently enough, they can cause a few scrapes. But then she rolls into how she has to stop them, because she is like Spiderman, and her brothers are bad guys.

I really wasn’t sure exactly how to respond to that.

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