Monday, February 21, 2011

Monthly Cooking day!

So yesterday was my big monthly cooking day.  We've started cooking once a month for the whole month - and it gets pretty crazy.  Maybe next month I'll take a picture of how my kitchen looks after!  So this month, we eat:

Grandma's Pork Chops & mashed potatoes
Chili (4 times)
Mac & cheese
steak teriyaki stir fry
homemade pizza (4 times)
turkey noodle soup
bacon potato cheddar soup
spinach and eggplant lasagna
steak red curry
beef rice bowls
steak enchiladas
chicken pesto casserole
meat pies
pierogies & sausage
pasta primavera

A couple of these I already had in the freezer (the casserole and the meatloaf), but I put a few extras in the freezer too.  It feels great to stand in my now clean kitchen and know I don't need to cook again until late March!!


  1. That is so impressive. All in one day?? How long does this take?

  2. All the cooking is in one day - but I don't manage to get all the cleanup done the same day. I started around 7am and finished cooking around 5:30 - but I did take a "break" - probably about an hour - to read stories to Lexi and feed the boys. Kelly helps too, but with both of us (and all three kids) we're almost as effective as one person, lol.

    I was cleaned up by 11am the next day. It's a long day, but so worth it!