Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Little Credit Please

These days, Angela and I are trying to each give the other at least one afternoon a week to run errands, work on projects, etc. while the other stays home with the three kiddos.

The other day after I got home from work, Angela left to go do some things. Our neighbor Judy (another Grandmother for Lexi) was watching as she prepared to leave. Judy forgot that I was only working half days, and therefore came to the conclusion that Angela was leaving the twins home alone in the capable hands of our toddler. She rushed over to offer to stay with the children. (Insult number one).

Then, when Angela clarified that I was taking care of the three, Judy immediately offered to come help me, implying rather stronger according to Angela that I was not capable of keeping everybody alive, if I was solely responsible for their care. (Insult number two).


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