Thursday, February 3, 2011

How to sleep in with three babies...

So normally I get up with Kelly at the boy's second night feeding - around 4:30-5am.   This morning I was exhausted, so I thought I'd take the boys back to bed with me and we'd all have a nice sleep-in morning.   Here's what it looked like. Very restful....

5:30am - up, pump, feed boys
6am - still feeding
6:30am - swaddle boys - Edward passes out mid swaddle, Benjamin looks toasted
Set boys together on the twin bed, sit next to them while they fall asleep
6:45am - crawl in with Lexi
7am - Edward looses his binky and wakes to protest the fact.  Refuses to go back to sleep, as it is no longer night.
7:15 - back in bed, switching sides with Lexi so I can reach the boys for binky-replacement purposes
7:30 - Lexi wakes up (her usual wake up time) I persuade her to go back to sleep foro a bit (ie let her nurse)
7:35 - Edward wakes up and needs a snuggle.  I now have Lexi on my right shoulder and Edward on my left.
7:45 - Ben decides it's breakfast time.  In spite of the 7oz he ate 2 hrs ago. I try snuggling and jiggling.  No luck.  I now have Lexi on my right shoulder, Edward on my left, and Benjamin on my chest with my pinky in his mouth, kicking and flailing.
8am - Lexi wakes up for real. I give up and get up with  Lexi & Ben.  Edward decides to sleep another 2hrs.  I am soooo jealous....

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  1. that's nuts! :) I don't know how you guys are doing it with two infants and a toddler! We have our hands full with one!