Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cloth Diapering Twins!!

How can you tell it's spring around here?  I have diapers on the line!  Yay!!!!

So many people  told me there was no way I'd be able to cloth diaper twins, but we're doing it, and loving the fluffy diapers. :-D  Here's what we use.  I wash diapers 3x/wk.  

Prefolds are the workhorse of our diapering system.  We use Snappi's to hold them on the boys.  No pins here!  I have about 48 small prefolds and about 30 large ones.  I may need a few more larger ones once they outgrow the smalls. 30 of each was plenty for one baby!
 Blueberry Coveralls snap covers.  My personal favorites of the moment.  They're one-size, so they should last from about 10lbs to potty training.  I hope!!  I have 7 of these.   The pink one is a Lexi hand-me-down, and yes, we do still use it. :-D

Thirsties Small covers.  These used to be my favorite, but we prefer snaps to velcro these days.  And I really prefer the one-size covers so I don't have to keep sizing up!  I have 4 of these, though, and they're still great covers.

My travel wetbag.  It's to  put dirty diapers in when out and about.  It lives in my diaper bag.

My regular wetbag.  This goes in a trashpail with lid by the change table.  I have two so that one can be in the trashcan while the other is being washed.    

Pocket diaper.  This is a BumGenius diaper, and I'm not a huge fan.  It's a Lexi leftover too.  We use them occasionally.  I prefer FuzziBunz for pockets, but don't have any in the smaller sizes.  

And thanks to Lexi for her help in hanging laundry and taking pictures!!


  1. I love seeing all the diaper brand names... too cute! :)

  2. This is great! We use a whole assortment too:) I found rather than using snappis, I just do the trifold, set it in the wrap and velcro/snap the wrap shut. We've done this since another mom showed me and it's WAY faster and easier I find.