Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Flying with babies! and no stroller!

So, we just got back from our first flight with all three kids.  It actually went great!!  I wish I would have taken a picture of us schlepping through the airport, but it went really well anyhow. 

We had intended to bring a single stroller (we borrowed a double from Katie when we got there) but I forgot it, which I think turned out to be a good thing.  We had 3 checked bags, 3 backpacks, a diaper bag, and one carseat which was strapped to a luggage cart.  To get into the airport (with our checked bags), Lexi walked and carried her backpack (a tiny one with toys for her), Kelly and I each wore a baby on front and a backpack, the diaper bag sat on one of the big suitcases, and Kelly pulled 2 suitcases while I pulled 1 suitcase and Lexi in her carseat. After we checked the bags we had to go through security.

Security was by FAR the hardest part.  We had to take both babies off, unwrap the wraps to send them through the scanner, and Kelly had to get a pat-down.  We also had to take off the babies shoes.  And they had to test every bottle of water (though they were all sealed) that we had brought for formula mixing.  While Kelly was getting patted down, I had Lexi to keep track off, two boys to hold onto, no wrap to put anyone in, and a bazillion little things coming out of the scanner to try to deal with.  It was super fun....

After that it was pretty easy.  We each wore a baby, Lexi either rode in her seat or walked, we each wore a backpack, and someone carried the diaper bag (or it rode in Lexi's seat).  

On the plane, we had 3 seats, window-middle in one row, and then the window seat in the next row up.  Only one lap baby is allowed per row, so that was how it had to happen.  Lexi rode in the window seat in her carseat and had a lot of fun.  She really liked her headphones and watched Dora on the little JetBlue TV's.  She was a bit annoyed that you can't pause them (at home we only watch videos) but otherwise, she was pretty good.  The boys each rode in one of our laps,  and pretty much slept and ate, slept and ate.  Edward spent some time charming the flight attendants.   Toward the end of the long flight, Lexi got really antsy, so she came up front with me and literally climbed the walls, while Kelly stuck one of the boys in her carseat and held the other.

When we got to seattle, we realized that we had to actually take a bus to our rental car.  That was fun...  Then Katie met us there with carseats for the boys, and after an hour or so I finally got them all installed, the boys fed, and the rental van loaded - we were so happy to be done travelling!!

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