Monday, March 21, 2011

Sleep, glorious sleep...

So we've had a lot of sleep challenges these past week.  We flew home on a red-eye (zero sleep for me, only like 2hrs for Kelly), the boys were sick, Lexi was sick, I was sick.  Plus through ALL of this (for over a week) the boys have been waking up screaming every hour, refusing to eat, screaming for a bit, before finally accepting an ounce of bottle, then passing back out, only to repeat in 30-45 minutes.  Fun, let me tell you.  We're not sure what was going on, maybe they were sick, maybe it was reflux (they have reflux, it's just never affected sleep before), could be 4-month sleep regression, teething, growing pains....  

2 nights ago, Edward went back to his regular sleep schedule (one waking between 9pm and 5am).  Kelly got a good night's sleep.  Unfortunately I had Benjamin that night, so I was out of luck.

Last night BOTH BOYS SLEPT.   Edward was the first to wake, at 2am.  Then they slept until 5am.  It's amazing how good sleep will make you feel!!!

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