Friday, March 18, 2011

The Security adventure continues

So the other morning I was making my way through security, and who was on duty but by favorite security guard (you know, the one who suggested I buy another pump.) Now I had kept this whole misadventure from my first day back in the plant, but apparently his fellow security guards had not. Word made its way back to the security supervisors, who coached him, and then proceeded to include the event in their training program under "what not to do."

Anyhow, he thought it was pretty funny as he was telling me this story while performing the required inspection of my breast pump. "You and me are famous together now," he says.


I always wanted to be well known at work courtesy of my breast pump.


  1. Hey, the way I figure- being known as an awesome mom raising terrific and healthy kids isn't exactly the worst thing that could happen to you. Like so many other parts of the path we we travel- this is as much about you- as the women who will come after you. And we ourselves would not be here where we are had it not been for the brave women before us.
    Stay the course Kelly! It's good work you are doing!

  2. I had to laugh only because for Andrew, I had to schlep my pump to & from work, because he wouldn't nurse, so I pumped for 13 months @ work & home. I had a backpack model.

    One day walking to my car I was walking with a male coworker. He remarked on how stylish my backpack was, and how he could get one, not knowing it was a pumping backpack.

    I said, "Well, this one isn't really your style."
    "It's so awesome".
    "Um, really -- no."
    "It looks like it could hold a lot."
    At this point, I'm frustrated. "Yes. It contains a breast pump, cooler, and 4 full milk bottles. I don't think it's what you're looking for."

    He abruptly shut up. :-)