Tuesday, March 29, 2011

This Morning

I was running late to work this morning because I slept in, because the boys had been extra awake between midnight and 5am. Anyhow, it meant that I was still home when Lexi got up. Well actually, I was walking out the door while listening to her cry out on the monitor, and then Angela ran out to tell me that Lexi really wanted to say goodbye.

I go back into the house and Lexi leaps into my arms, apologizing that she really wanted to say good-bye. So we had a little snuggle, and then Angela asked if she wanted a hard boiled egg for breakfast. Lexi said yes, and then asked how she could help. Angela said she could put the eggs in the pot. Then Lexi asked how mommy could help. I said I would go to work and earn money, and that's how I would help. Lexi said, "But we don't buy eggs at the bank!!!"

Then she decided that she was good and ready to say good-bye. So she pushes me at the door so she can start waving.

"Bye Mommy, having fun working in the sun."
"Bye Mommy, see you later, have a good day."
"Mama, say have a good day to Mommy."

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