Saturday, March 19, 2011

Flower Administrator Details

I know we have already posted pictures of our amazing flower girl, but I thought you all needed to hear about how much Lexi rocked it last weekend!!

During the rehearsal, she and I practiced going down the aisle several times, throwing her little paper petals on the floor and picking them back up to try again. I was a little nervous. We were practicing on a short aisle because not all the chairs were out, the final decision was to have her walk by herself, and I had no idea how she'd handle all the strangers staring at her.

Well, me of little faith... shortly before the ceremony we left her in the basement waiting room with the rest of the bridal party (a.k.a. Turkjenistan's cabinet) and she didn't even notice us leaving. She walked up the stairs with the maid of honor (Chief of Staff) who got her to walk down the aisle with only a little encouragement. All by her little self shw walked down with her basket throwing handfuls of petals on the floor. Angela, the boys, and I were sitting near the front, and when she reached us, we tried to get her to sit with us. Lexi refused, saying loudly, "I'm not finished!" as she continued to fish the last few petals out of the basket. Finally the official herded her over to us, while she declared loudly that she wanted to do it again.

She definitely stole the show (no offense Jennie). So now we are contemplating offering her flower girl services on craigslist or ebay.

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  1. Way to go Lexi! It is good to have career options!