Thursday, March 17, 2011

A stomach bug visits... part 2

So Angela's post talked about her and Lexi, but I thought I would add some details from my night...

I had to leave an awake and distraught Ben alone on the bed at 10:30 last night in order to help give Lexi a bath! He continued to cry as Lexi puked all over the clean towels and Angela and the hallway floor, and while I was the one cleaning the floor.

I finally moved him to the other bed next to Ed in order to completely remake the bed and remove the puke smell, and then he fell asleep.

However, both boys have had a rough time of it the last couple night, and this was no exception. Between 11pm and 5am at least one of them was up every hour. So even though Angela was taking care of Lexi, I wasn't getting any sleep either.

This morning I was a bit of an exhausted wreck. Too tired to even make a decision about calling in sick to work or not. Angela decided for me that I should call in, and only go in later for an interview I had scheduled. This was an excellent idea.

When I got home from work, Lexi was asleep on her couch in the living room, and the puke bowl was hiding in the kitchen. I asked why it wasn't on the ground next to Lexi, and apparently its because it made her mad to see it.

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