Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Aunt Grace's Wedding

So many weddings, so little time.  We had a great time at Grace and Bonnie's wedding (though it made us happy we did not choose to have a big reception ourselves.  Just being guests is still a lot of work with our three littles.  Later, we promise to have a vow renewal and big party or something, we promise.  Anyhow...)

Amma, Papa, and Ed (I think.  Ed has skinnier feet)

Corrine, Lexi, and Kelsey preparing to dance down the aisle

Its hard work to be this cute.  By the way, does anyone need to rent a flower girl?  Guaranteed to be adorable, real reasonable rates.

Ethan the ring bearer and his grandma, Caron

Papa and Big Ben

Lexi and Aunt Ellen

Mr Ed

Mr Ed (left) and Big Ben fighting over a spoon at dinner

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