Sunday, September 18, 2011

Boys 10 month check up - 9/8/2011

The boys had their 10 month doctor's appointment a week and a half ago, and it went great.  She was really impressed with how big they are.  For once they didn't both get a huge diaper rash right before the appointment (seriously, I swear they do it almost every time.  It must be a stress diaper rash).  They also excellently showed off all of their mad pulling up and cruising skills.  The only activity they "should" be doing and aren't very much is sitting, but that's because they never stay still long enough to sit.  They just keep going until they flop out asleep.

Their length and weight numbers are as follows (note: these %s do not take into account that they were preemies):

Boy                  Length        %       Weight      %
Edward            30 in        ~75       22 lbs     ~75
Benjamin          30.5 in    ~75        25 lbs     ~98 (big boy)

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