Thursday, September 29, 2011

How to roller skate

A conversation with Lexi this afternoon:

(for clarification, Ginger is a family friend who Lexi, obviously, adores.  Ginger plays roller derby, which Lexi almost watched with Kelly a couple of weeks ago.)

Lexi:  Mama, do you know why I love Ginger sooo much?
Me: Why is that?
Lexi: Because she rollerskates.  That's why I love her so much.
Me: Oh.
Lexi: heavy sigh...     Mama, do you know the only way I can roller skate?
Me: How is that?
Lexi:  I can roller skate if I put finger paints on my feet, and skate on the paper.  That's the only way I can roller skate.  (she knows this because she has done it - she's not making this up)
Me: Oh.
long pause
Me: You know, we could ask for roller skates for Christmas, and maybe you could learn how to roller skate.
Me: Yes.
Lexi:  I saw once on this movie, about a little boy.  His name was Caillou.  He learned how to roller skate.
Me: Yes, next summer you will be 4, just like Caillou.  You could learn to skate.
Lexi:  No, next year, I will be 6.
Me: Oh yeah?  Well how old are you now?
Lexi:  I'm 5, silly.  Of course I am.
Me: ::crickets chirp as I sit looking baffled::

I'm not sure whether to groan that she wants to skate on paints again (that was a MESSY project), be excited that she wants roller skates, be concerned that she doesn't seem to know her own age, or be thrilled that she seems to realize that in order to be 6 next summer she'd have to be 5 now.  

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