Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Night for the Record Books 9/3

So labor day weekend I drove all the kids to Buffalo by myself to stay with Angela's aunt, uncle, and cousins over the holiday weekend.  We were returning Maggie (one of the cousins) to her house after she had stayed with us for the week, and trying to stay out of Ang's hair so she could work on the front porch renovation.  Our plan had been to drive out Saturday and come home Monday, however that was not quite how it worked out.

They day was fun, we met the Gelen's for pizza and then went to the zoo, which Lexi loved!!  Got back to their house and grilled for dinner.  During dinner, Maggie (the 14 year old, not one of my littles) managed to knock an entire glass of milk into my lap.  In the process of scootching away from the milk, Ben, who was in my lap, managed to send a butter dish and entire stick of melty butter flying.  This should have been my indication of the night to come.

Lexi and Edward went right to sleep as soon as I put them to bed.  Ben, under napped, over tired, and probably teething, was an absolute wreck.  He sobbed for hours, and nothing helped.  And of course, I needed to stay in the vicinity of the bedrooms, in case one of the other two woke up and needed something.  I'm sure Mike and Ellen loved the sobbing baby right outside their bedroom until 1 am.  It was around 1 that Ellen managed to get Ben to sleep in the crib.  Still not sure how she did it, but boy was I glad.  I climbed into the bed I was sharing with Lexi, who has been very restless all night, though she hasn't woken up even with Ben's crying.  But not 5 minutes later, she rolls out of bed and onto the floor, and this was a fairly tall bed.  She wakes up sobbing, Mike and Ellen run back in... oi vey.

I settle Lexi down, we get back into bed, she tries to go back to sleep, but keeps waking up upset and uncomfortable about every 20 minutes.  I finally figure out why... about 2 in the morning, she sits up, makes some funny noises, and proceeds to get sick, all over the sheets, herself, and my lap.  I rush her to the bathroom, and Ellen again comes to my rescue, changing the sheets on the bed.  Lexi and I spend the next couple hours going back and forth to the bathroom, and snuggling a bowl when we are in bed.

She finally falls asleep around 5.  At 6:30, Edward, who has only squeaked once during all of this when he wanted his middle of the night bottle, wakes up, raring to go and ready to party.  Mike takes Edward downstairs.  Half hour later, Lexi and Ben are both awake, and I give up trying to sleep.

All 3 children were perfectly fine the next day, though Lexi was a bit whiny due to being tired.  I owe much thanks to Mike and Ellen, I would not have survived the night without them.  And they were even hoping we would stay a second night with them (they are clearly either crazy or masochistic).  However, Lexi was insistent that we return home, and I can't blame her. 

Incidentally, Maggie and Patrick slept through the whole night, and their bedrooms are right next to where all the insanity was happening.

Ah, good times. 

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